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Rachel Giffin is one of the top yoga instructors I have met.
In over 20 years practicing Yoga & Meditation, rarely have I ever met such a gifted natural talent in being able to deliver the whole yoga package to clients and students. Rachel is a true Yoga adept – in Asanas right through to meditation, relaxation and spiritual practices as well as Nutrition & Wellbeing.
I recommend her services highly to anyone looking to improve the quality of their life and wellbeing with Yoga.

Dr Mike Squirrell, Director, Harley Street Physiotherapy


Chantal Miller, Office Manager, The Communications Store

Thanks so much Rachel for introducing me to the wonders of yoga. I had been to several classes over the years and was never particularly impressed by them – I was more a pilates person. You have changed all that! Our one on one classes have been an inspiration and done wonders for my mind, body and soul. To say there was room for much improvement is an understatement. The difference now in my flexibility and postures is so marked that I wish we had taken before and after pics! I have also particularly enjoyed the meditation. As someone who finds it very difficult to still my mind, you have transported me to amazing places filled with light. I have already recommended you to many of my friends and colleagues and will continue to do so. I still need much improvement on my hula hooping though!

Georgina Cuppaidge, Sony Pictures

I was sceptical at 1st to yoga, I lead an incredibly hectic (shallow!) life and until meeting Rachel felt I was impervious to any kind of spiritual, physical or mental benefits. Yoga has transformed my life, I can’t speak highly enough about the positive impact it has had on all aspects of my wellbeing. This is partly down to the mantra of Yoga but also due to the style of Rachel’s teaching. As a beginner and probably the most stiff and rigid individual in the world I have always been slightly intimidated by Yoga classes. However Rachel has a very natural and warm teaching style that helps you grasp both the physical and mental nature of Yoga very quickly.

Physically I play an enormous amount of sport, my tennis and football have increased tenfold, I’m more agile on the pitch and have much greater flexibility but most importantly I am now less prone to injury. Mentally Yoga provides an spiritual oasis from the day to day grind of an urban life. I have found that I am more focused at work and calmer, my capacity to deal with stress has improved dramatically. Finally my emotional wellbeing has also improved since starting yoga with Rachel, I feel a balance and energy that has replaced a feeling a mental and emotional fatigue.

Riz Shaikh, Director, the Columbo Group

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