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Dear Rachel,

I am so glad I have found you. Every time I leave one of your classes I feel taller, full of energy but totally relaxed at the same time….

As you know I was really worried about my lower back before I started but your attention to the most minute detail in every one of the postures you teach makes me feel in safe hands and I can feel the benefits already.

I really look forward to the classes, which says a lot from a gym class phobic like me, and soothing chants.

Carmen Hannemann, Head of Events, Bacchus Studio

Rachel Giffin is undoubtedly one of the best yoga teachers I have ever encountered (I have practiced yoga in London at the Life Center and in Thailand at the well-known wellness resort Chiva Som).

Her lessons are particularly well structured, with a proper relaxation first (for full concentration on the course rather than on one’s day’s events…), then a thorough warm up before a rather intense set of postures. The course then ends with further meditation and chanting.

This is simply of the best courses I have ever had as it combines yoga and meditation’s benefits whilst fully stretching the time span of an hour.

I therefore highly recommend Rachel as an instructor.

With kind regards

Stephanie Betts, Founder, Josephine Home

I am a film executive working on the production finance and legal side of independent film. My job requires me to work very long hours, lots of travel (i currently live between austria and london) so it can be quite stressful at times and on top of that I suffer from IBS.

I recently started doing Rachel’s classes and for the first time I started feeling the positive effects of yoga. She is extremely attentive and teaches you how to position yourself correctly in order to feel the benefits each pose has to offer, to learn to increase your stretch through breathing and meditation while encouraging you to recognize your own progress. Even in group sessions the level of individual attention is truly remarkable and she somehow manages to eliminate any competitiveness and provide a perfect sanctum for deep meditation and relaxation. She has this wonderful relaxation routine at the end of each session which leaves you feeling wonderfully invincible, strong and beautiful!

After 3 weeks of taking a class once or twice a week I started feeling less stressed at work, grew more patient with people and above all my ibs has subsided. The difference in the quality of my everyday life is noticeable and I cannot thank her enough! Even now being back in Austria for a while, she has devised a series of yoga exercises for me which I can do at home by myself and fit them in my daily routine.

Words don’t do this experience justice – just try for yourself and see if you ever get to the lake….

Dimitra, Swarovski

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