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Yoga Belgravia

Yoga Belgravia

Welcome to Pure Balance Yoga for Yoga Belgravia.  Are you looking for an experienced Yoga instructor in the Belgravia area of West London.

yoga belgravia

Our Belgravia Yoga classes were established to help people re-tune their minds and bodies in order to maximise their health, fitness and mental wellbeing.

With the frenetic pace with which we live our lives today, it is becoming harder to still the mind and all too easy to forget to breathe.

Pure Balance Yoga will help you to re-establish a good relationship with your body and balance the mind through an authentic and pure method of hatha yoga.

Whether you practice other forms of sport, which leave you wanting more; are returning to exercise, or want to strengthen your mind for greater concentration and relaxation, the holistic approach of Pure Balance Yoga will bring harmony to your mind and body.

See services for full details of private & corporate tuition and open classes.

Raja yoga – the science of the mind.

The scientific approach, controlling the mind using yourself as a laboratory, testing, evaluating and dissolving negative memories. The sub-paths of Raja yoga are hatha yoga and kundalini yoga. Once the prana is mastered and the lower nature transformed the mind will come under control. Ghandi wrote ‘My experiments with the truth’ and this is a concept systematically explained in the yoga sutras.

Karma Yoga Belgravia – the yoga of action, selfless service.

Bhakti Yoga Belgravia – the yoga of devotion; of the heart.

Jnana Yoga Belgravia – the yoga of intellect.

The philosophical approach; the most difficult path but most direct.  Made more difficult as we live in a more emotionally driven era. However, difficult times can prove to be the most fertile time for spiritual growth.

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